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By Mark C Taylor and Esa Saarinen
1/10 from 1 review
Categories: Computers & Internet, Science & Technology
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1 review
Burn this book
A book so bad it defies belief.

Essentially, it's an early attempt to encapsulate the speed and volatility of on-line social experience. But it's written as if they never read Wired for the articles, only the design.

It attempts to be an 'anti-book', utilising an endless stream of sub-Raygun typographic ploys to illustrate how physical texts will be disrupted and replaced by electronic ones. But even after a few pages you're left with the annoying feeling that if that was how they felt, why did they even try to write it in a book? Why not launch a site, invent Feedmag, or something?

Also, the Scandinavian academic's ego is beyond belief. Whole chunks of the book are devoted to transcripts of his email conversations, pointing out how much of a star he is in his tin-pot tiny Nordic country - and a horrible, cringing ego-fest when his wife's pregnancy makes the front page of their local paper (must have been a quiet news day that day, I guess no-one had run over any moose or something).

Reviewed only because it played a pivotal role in my academic career. When I read this as an undergrad, I was driven to become an academic so that someone could write a book better than that. Hell, if they could get Routledge to stump up the advance for that steaming sack of shit, anyone can do it . . .
Rating: 1/10
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Posted by Chris Locke on Thu, 2nd August 2001, 4:44pm
1 review