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A Primate's Memoir (9/10)
By Robert Sapolsky
Bright Air, Brilliant Fire: On the matter of the mind (9/10)
By Gerard Edelman
Cloudstreet (8/10)
By Tim Winton
Database Nation: The death of privacy in the 21st century (9/10)
By Simson Garfinkel
Imagologies (1/10)
By Mark C Taylor and Esa Saarinen
Living with Radiation (8/10)
By National Radiological Protection Board
Mauve (6/10)
By Simon Garfield
Physics and Philosophy (8/10)
By Werner Heisenberg
Ravens in Winter (9/10)
By Bernd Heinrich
The Elegant Universe (9/10)
By Brian Greene
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (10/10)
By Thomas S. Kuhn
The Victorian Internet (8/10)
By Tom Standage
Vacuum Diagrams (9/10)
By Stephen Baxter
When Old Technologies Were New (9/10)
By Carolyn Marvin
14 items