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14 items
Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment (9/10)
By Richard Stevens
Applied Cryptography (9/10)
By Bruce Schneier
boo hoo: a dot.com story from concept to catastrophe (9/10)
By Ernst Malmsten, Erik Portanger and Charles Drazin
Data Structures, Algorithms, and Performance (9/10)
By Derick Wood
Database Nation: The death of privacy in the 21st century (9/10)
By Simson Garfinkel
Death March (10/10)
By Edward Yourdon
Design Patterns (9/10)
By John Vlissides, Ralph Johnson, Richard Helm and Erich Gamma
Emergence (9/10)
By Steven Johnson
Imagologies (1/10)
By Mark C Taylor and Esa Saarinen
In search of Clusters (9/10)
By Gregory Pfister
Object-Oriented Perl (9/10)
By Damian Conway
The Language of New Media (9/10)
By Lev Manovich
The Timeless Way of Building (8/10)
By Christopher Alexander
When Old Technologies Were New (9/10)
By Carolyn Marvin
14 items