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Cosmonaut Keep
By Ken MacLeod
7/10 from 2 reviews
Categories: Science Fiction
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1 review
Hmm - not quite as positive as Alaric's
I do like Ken Macleod. he's one of the few sci fi authors I regularly read. However, whilst I'm now reading the 2nd Cos. Keep novel the whole thing doesn't seem to have the grabbing power that the novels centred around the Stone Canal, Cassini Division, etc had.

The stuff with the communist earth, the expedition out etc, etc - all of that stuff seemed to be much better territory for Macleod. He's meandering arounsd with the story now, wanting it to be huge and epic in scale but it's missing the gritty realism he has had in other novels.

I reserve the right to change my opinion if it gets any better! Meanwhile, I would definitely reading the other books by him.
Rating: 6/10
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Posted by Cait on Mon, 17th February 2003, 11:34am
1 review