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Globalization and its discontents
By Joseph. E. Stiglitz
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: Social Sciences
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1 review
Fascinating, involving, informative - you name it
So, as I began to form opinions based on theory rather the usual Liberal gut feel, whilst studying Economics at college I got to hear about this guy Joseph Stiglitz, whose academic work previously about power relationships / agency theory amongst others was fairly interesting stuff. And then he won the Nobel Prize! Which was just lovely. I felt like a big fanboy / girl type character.

I sympathise a great deal with his stance as an economist dealing with the world as it exists, rather than as a construct to create new theories around (ie: he's not a revolutionary Marxist). I disagree with some aspects of his completely positive views of China and their move to market capitalism in terms of the short-term horror that it is bringing to some parts of its massive population. However, that's as much to do with China's social policy as anything. From an economic stance his arguments are reasonably sound (what, like I'm qualified to really argue with the guy).

He's got a lot to say and he's a good man. And he knows his stuff. Luckily, for those who do not wish to view extended supply / demand curves and equations there are none here, he's just thoughtfully putting across his experience and arguments.

It's a big, chewy book, and well worth reading. I say 8 because it's a committed read, rather than a pick it and and dive straight in experience.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Cait on Fri, 16th August 2002, 1:16pm
1 review