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Restraint of Beasts
By Magnus Mills
6/10 from 1 review
Categories: Fiction
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1 review
Restrained language, restrained entertainment
Uncomplicated, uncluttered by difficult or long or even many words and reasonably amusing. Lots of reviewers seem to have gone a bundle over what is a pretty simple book about pretty simple people. I dont think its particularly clever nor do I think it has hidden depths. But it supposedly articulates working class humour and working class experience and therefore is, of course, beyond criticism.

Nonetheless it's fun, won't take two days to read. Sort of a simplistic Paul Auster which is probably a good thing.

Also, it's good to know you don't have to write overly complex, mould breaking and multi-layered prose to be published these days.
Rating: 6/10
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Posted by Balf on Fri, 15th March 2002, 3:25pm
1 review