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The Bedroom of the Mister's Wife
By Philip Hensher
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: British Fiction, Fiction
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1 review
Short stories revealing modern lives, largely in London
A collection of 14 short stories - truely short, averaging about 14 pages apiece - with the dark undertones of Roald Dahl showing through whilst offering glimpses into the lives of 20th (21st?) century individuals of my generation. Whilst there is a decidedly London slant to the collection, there are occasional detours into Czechoslovakia and Germany.

I thoroughly enjoyed the stories, some more than others, and it is possible to see where the stronger, stand-alone, passages in The Mulberry Empire had their genesis. All in all, stories which are decidedly more realistic than many I've read.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Mary on Tue, 22nd April 2003, 11:02pm
1 review