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Living with Radiation
By National Radiological Protection Board
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: Science & Technology
1 review
A concise handbook on the effects of radiation on humans
It's not exciting reading, but the slimness of this tome compared to academic or medical research texts on biophysics makes it a very useful reference for those who need to know how many clicks per second on a Geiger counter to worry about.

Covers the basic theory, the effects of different kinds of radiation on humans and means of protection, then goes on to cover the characteristics of different radiation sources. It covers such "soft" radiations as UV, but its only mention of nuclear weaponry is with reference to the residual background radiation arising from nuclear tests. It does not cover nuclear warfare survival measures, but the things it does cover are a prerequisite for dealing with nuclear weapon effects.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Alaric on Fri, 10th August 2001, 11:24pm
1 review