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Physics and Philosophy
By Werner Heisenberg
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: Science & Technology
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1 review
Accessible insight into concepts and history of Quantum Mechanics
To over play and dramatise it a little (and sound a little unoriginal) - I picked my course at university (Physics and Philosophy) substantially because of reading this book. OK -- it was this book and a few others and it was a modest shift from maths and philosophy but heah. I like this book.

Quantum mechanics (QM) turned our understanding of how the world worked upside down. Heisenberg, the author of this book, was at the forefront of developing both the physics and philosophical concepts that did this. You can imagine the soul searching experience that this was for him. This book suceeds in being both an excellent primer on understanding these "world view changing" oddities within QM and an engaging autobiography of sorts by someone pivotal to the start of the "golden area of science".

Unusually for a book written by both a "great scientist" of the "golden area in science" (many decades ago) it is both very readable and accessible not just in terms of concepts but also writing style. Not at all just for the scientists out there.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Manar Hussain on Fri, 12th October 2001, 9:01pm
1 review