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When We Were Orphans
By Kazuo Ishiguro
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: British Fiction
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1 review
When is a Detective Story not (just) a Detective Story?
...when it is interweaved with emotions, loss, history, politics and culture and moves between 'stiff-upper-lipped England' and colonial Shanghai during the years between the two world wars.

'When we were orphans' is told as a first person narrative, where we discover factual, emotional and psycological detail about the narrator, Christopher Banks, and his life through a combination of flashbacks and recounting of current events. As you read on these details combine to lead you to reassess how much faith you feel you can put in the narrator's memories and interpretations, producing a novel which is ultimately at odds with the classic 'neat ending' detective fiction featuring Inspector Morse, Miss Marple et al.....

... and to wonder about the blind-spots and prejudices we have in our own attitudes and memories.

A "I read it in one sitting" book.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Mary on Tue, 24th July 2001, 6:56pm
1 review