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Blood Song
By Eric Drooker
9/10 from 1 review
Categories: Comics, Art & Design
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1 review
Good xmas present, gorgeous book
I bought this through the Comics International catalogue "sight unseen" ie: who's this guy, he seems relatively interesting, blah blah.

I got it along with "Flood" which is equally beautiful but not quite as rich in the telling.

It's a stunning, stunning piece of work. On the back, Neil Gaiman compares Drooker to Frans Masereel and whilst I wince at the idea of anyone being compared to such a master artist and storyteller the comparison does stand up.

Honestly, buy it - or take a look through the Amazon "Look inside" thing and see. He tells the whole story without saying a word. It would be easy to miss the eternal hope in the story if it weren't reinforced in every etched and dug out line. Basically, a girl leaves her rustic village and takes a symbolic journey in to the now, and the what could be, but in a very human way.

The beginning, somewhat spookily, reminded me very clearly of the beginning of "A matter of life and death" - with the camera panning across the universe ("Big, isn't it") but the reminder in scope fits this story well too. It is, ultimately a tale of death, and life.

And it's got a very nice dog in too.
Rating: 9/10
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Posted by Cait on Tue, 29th October 2002, 11:25pm
1 review