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An Unexpected Light
By Jason Elliott
6/10 from 1 review
Categories: Travel
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1 review
Ok, so I'm a bit into Afghanistan..
An interesting contrast to Newby's book, in that it was written in the late 90s by which time the country's whole infrastructure has collapsed (aswell as most of it's buildings).

Jason Elliott undertakes a trip across the country for the sole purpose of writing this book, and in doing so encounters the extraordinary charm and diverse appearance of the locals that also struck Newby, and the beauty and harshness of the landscape.
His style sometimes tends towards the verbose, but it's worth it as he has a genuinely interesting tale to tell.

However being a chap, Elliott only hangs out with other chaps, and so the plight of women under the Taleban's regime doesn't even get a mention, which seemed a bit odd.

Maybe he'll write another one..
Rating: 6/10
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Posted by smoo on Tue, 24th July 2001, 5:13pm
1 review