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Take me back to Tulsa
By Bob Wills ad his Texas Playboys
9/10 from 1 review
Categories: Country
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1 review
Kick ass
Well now it seems that Bob Wills, the funkiest swing geezer in Texas in the thirties appears to be having something of a revival, possibly due to the "Oh brother, where art thou" effect.
So, ok - who is this guy and what is this "Western Swing" thing?
Texas in the thirites was an immigration hotbed: Russian, Polish, Irish, English, French and of course a massive slave descendent population. The swinging twenties had happened and Jazz was well on the way to being an institution, and out of Texas came an extraordinary mix of European folk music synthesised with the beginings of what you could can call an American folk sound (later to morph into the horrors of country and western) and good, funky jazz. You've got violins a la Grapelli and a stomping sound that can only make you think of community halls in the blazing heat, skirts hitched up and a lot of laughing and dancing.
By the way, there's a boxed set available in the UK, but the greatest hits one I've got is the one on the US link. Also - the freshess of it starts reducing a little towards the end of the forties, and by the fifties it gets a bit ropey, but the thirties and forties stuff is blistering. BUY IT NOW! You can poke me in the ribs later if you don't like it, but have I steered you wrong before?
Rating: 9/10
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Posted by Cait on Sun, 11th November 2001, 10:05pm
1 review