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Northern Lights
By Philip Pullman
8/10 from 2 reviews
Categories: British Fiction
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2 reviews
thumbs up from a non fantasy-sci-fi-ian
I took Cait at her word and bought this to tide me over the festive season 'en famille' ...

Any complaints? Well, yes. I didn't by the complete trilogy, and this first volume only lasted me from Christmas Eve through to the end of the Queen's Speech.

The similarities between the world we live in and that of Lyra and the Gyptians are many, but it's the differences which lure you in, keep you hooked, then leave you thinking "what if...?" about a million and one facets of 20th/21st century life; from society and politics to evolution and morality.

I'm off to buy vols 2 and 3 tomorrow - Hereford Waterstone's permitting.
Rating: 7/10
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Posted by Mary on Thu, 27th December 2001, 10:02pm
Sparkling adventure, exceptionally well told
If you imagine that because this is supposedly written for children it must be an easy, light and forgettable read, think again. It's dark, it's scary - it's in that same deeply memorable tradition of Alan Garner - but Pullman may be even better. Read it and pass it on.
Rating: 9/10
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Posted by Cait on Wed, 18th July 2001, 3:13pm
2 reviews