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Sixty Stories
By Donald Barthelme
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: American Fiction
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1 review
A maze of twisty passages, all different...
Bartheleme is the only experimental american author whose stories i've actually enjoyed reading. Unlike Ronald Suckenick et al, Bartheleme retains a story-teller's skill while still playing incredible formal tricks with the idioms of the short story. This collection is by turns dense and frustrating, then almost giddy with invention, taking flight like a perfect drunken improvised anecdote. My favourites include 'The Great Hug' and 'The Balloon', both of which are the kind of stories that David Foster Wallace wishes he could write.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Matt Locke on Thu, 19th July 2001, 5:47pm
1 review