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52 ways to magic America
By James Flint
6/10 from 2 reviews
Categories: British Fiction
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2 reviews
52 Ways to Magic America
Okay, as Cait prompted me, here's a review.

This is *not bad*. In enjoyed moments of it. It's got a great narrative drive and the characters are largely well rounded - the two assistants in particular.

But it loses momentum towards the end, and ends messily. Nonetheless I couldn't put it down, and I heartily recommend everyone buys it to fill Jim's coffers. And it's better than Habitus. And I just can't get into Hari's "The Impressionist" - even though I suspect it'll be well worth it once I do.

Oh, and watch out for the guest appearance by Nathan Barley.
Rating: 7/10
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Posted by Chris Locke on Tue, 27th August 2002, 10:50am
Flint's new opus
To annoy yet strangely please Stef, buy Jim's book here, which will of course have the knock on effect of giving Haddock's servers some money.

Of course, I haven't read this yet, so I invite Chris to reply with a review.

Number rating is to be replaced by "no idea"
Rating: 6/10
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Posted by Cait on Fri, 16th August 2002, 1:30pm
2 reviews