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52 ways to magic America
By James Flint
6/10 from 2 reviews
Categories: British Fiction
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1 review
52 Ways to Magic America
Okay, as Cait prompted me, here's a review.

This is *not bad*. In enjoyed moments of it. It's got a great narrative drive and the characters are largely well rounded - the two assistants in particular.

But it loses momentum towards the end, and ends messily. Nonetheless I couldn't put it down, and I heartily recommend everyone buys it to fill Jim's coffers. And it's better than Habitus. And I just can't get into Hari's "The Impressionist" - even though I suspect it'll be well worth it once I do.

Oh, and watch out for the guest appearance by Nathan Barley.
Rating: 7/10
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Posted by Chris Locke on Tue, 27th August 2002, 10:50am
1 review