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No Logo
By Naomi Klein
8/10 from 1 review
Categories: Social Sciences, Business
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1 review
Good stuff, but there's so much more to say
Although I liked No Logo, I imagine it would be better if you read it when it first came out, or if you didn't know much of it already (not necessarily the details, but most of us know the general gist these days). But I thought the very best bit was the last few pages, where after the entire book kind of warning you that you shouldn't buy brand x, y or z, she suddenly dumps loads of "well, it's not really that simple" stuff on you. How people just want to be told "don't buy this sneaker, but this one's OK" while these easy and comforting decisions about consumer purchases are a long way from solving the fundamental problems. I could have done with a lot more of that, looking into the whole structure of the system, but the book ends there. At 450ish pages, it seemed to be over-long, hammering some points home over and over, while the final section suddenly revealed a whole host of deeper issues that could have done with more space.

That said, it's a good, if depressing, read and it brings up several points that aren't as obvious as the standard "aren't Nike nasty" stuff. While the problem can't be reduced to "which brands are OK to buy," I am left wondering how I can ever buy any clothes again.
Rating: 8/10
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Posted by Phil on Tue, 31st July 2001, 10:41am
1 review