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Fresh-Air Fiend
By Paul Theroux
7/10 from 1 review
Categories: Travel, Biography
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1 review
Pot Luck Paul Theroux
Louis' dad isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this collection gives you a taster of Paul Theroux's travel writings from the years running up to Y2K.

Snapshots of the lives and lifestyles of people from all around the world, not only of the individuals Theroux encounters but also of the writer, his family and friends, including Bruce Chatwin.

With stories of sailing off Cape Cod, luxury cruising down the Yangtze a mere 4 years after the end of the Cultural Revolution, and surf-kayaking off Hawai'i's North Shore, there's a definite bias towards water-borne exploration.

Whether you are seeking inspiration for holiday destinations or, like me, feel the occasional need to relive travels of your own (or to undertake fresh ones, albeit on a vicarious basis), 'Fresh-Air Fiend' fits the bill.
Rating: 7/10
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Posted by Mary on Fri, 3rd August 2001, 9:51am
1 review